Nassau-Narc is a documentary film that recounts Detective Michael O’Leary’s undercover work at the Nassau County Narcotics Bureau during the 1980’s and 90’s. This retrospective story expands on O’Leary’s dual identities and exposes raw and unseen VHS footage of drug deals made by O’Leary while acting as a crack-cocaine user.


It was 1986 and the crack-cocaine epidemic was at it’s height when Detective O’Leary was newly transferred to the Narcotics Bureau of the Nassau County Police Department.  Over time, O’Leary transformed into a disheveled, unruly-looking man and began scoring drugs from street level dealers, eventually working his way up the chain and making connects with high-level dealers. The duo’s efforts evolved and O’Leary began filming drug deals from hidden cameras and microphones in undercover vehicles. Raw VHS footage paints an unaltered picture of their undercover work.